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Enable real security with encryption

Enable real security with encryption

Always protect and encrypt data, in rest, in motion and in use, across the entire data lifecycle and across all clouds, databases and SaaS services from a single unified solution.

You control the keys to the kingdom with BYOK/BYOKMS

You control the keys to the kingdom with BYOK/BYOKMS

Fortanix secures data everywhere while enabling customers, not cloud providers, to always maintain control of their encryption keys and their data. The service supports BYOK/BYOKMS across multiple cloud providers allowing organizations to control and store the keys outside the cloud.

Protect your ServiceNow keys outside the cloud

Protect your ServiceNow Keys outside the cloud

With ServiceNow and Fortanix Data Security Manager SaaS (DSM SaaS), customers can bring a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified External Key Management Service to encrypt data stored in ServiceNow and to also protect the keys used for the encryption. Fortanix DSM SaaS has been directly integrated to ServiceNow’s Customer Controlled Switch (CCS) capability for database encryption.

Tokenize Sensitive Snowflake Data

Tokenize Sensitive Snowflake Data

Fortanix and Snowflake offer an easy to implement and cost-effective external tokenization service that allows customers to seamlessly tokenize sensitive data inside and outside Snowflake.

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