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Modern enterprises have begun a historic migration to the public cloud and are now using hybrid or multicloud for their workloads. However key management is one of the most difficult puzzles to solve in cloud migration. Let us show you how Fortanix SDKMS can solve cloud key management use cases, including BYOK.


Encryption remains the most effective data protection control in the cloud.
However key management is one of the most difficult puzzles to solve in cloud migration.


Fortanix SDKMS enables you to make a secure and seamless transition to hybrid or multicloud. With unified HSM and Key Management capabilities and a scalable distributed architecture, SDKMS can service encryption for any application in any cloud.

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SDKMS SmartKey
Cloud Privacy

Unmatched key privacy

Remain in complete control of your keys with Runtime Encryption® and Intel® SGX; Keep keys and data in separate locations

Cloud BYOK

'Bring your own Keys’ (BYOK)

Easy to use BYOK support for leading providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and AWS

Cloud Government

Central management and policy control

Enable seamless adoption of hybrid or multi-cloud for workloads with unified and uniform HSM and Key Management service

Cloud API

REST APIs and traditional interfaces

Secure modern cloud native applications as well as applications using traditional cryptographic interfaces (PKCS#11, CNG, JCE, KMIP)

Cloud Scale

Scale-out distributed architecture

Service any environment with scalable distributed key management, automated load balancing, replication and high availability

Cloud SAAS

Cloud like consumption

Consume as a service or software subscription with a strong TCO and predictable costs

Cloud Flexible

Flexible deployment models

Adopt HSM and Key Management to match your primary workloads – private cloud Fortanix Runtime Encryption Appliance or HSM as a service