Secure Manufacturing with Fortanix

Fortanix offers a comprehensive data security platform for distributed manufacturing that can scale with demand.


Today, most devices are being manufactured in remote or offshore sites that do not have the same level of security standards as the corporate headquarters. Introduction of IoT into manufacturing has also created serious cybersecurity challenges. Cybercriminals now have an opportunity to hack into sensitive information that is stored on the devices manufactured within unsecured environments and introduce counterfeit units causing financial loss and irrevocable damage to the brand’s reputation. Manufacturing organizations are looking to implement advanced security systems that can ensure smarter, secure factory workflows, protect business critical information, and safeguard IP.


Fortanix offers a unified data security platform that delivers a scalable cloud-native solution to securely generate, store, and use cryptographic keys and certificates, as well as secrets, such as passwords, API keys, tokens, or any blob of data. Secured with Intel® SGX, Fortanix runs the entire key management inside a FIPS 140-2 certified HSM. No one other than the authorized user has access to the keys. The scale-out distributed design ensures that it can scale to also meet the rising demand for PKI fueled by Internet of Things (IoT).

What we do

what we do
Integrated Data Security Platform
Fortanix provides a Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) platform with integrated hardware security module (HSM), key management, encryption, shared secrets, and tokenization capabilities.
what we do
FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified HSM
Fortanix provides a FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM root of trust that can also manage legacy HSMs spread across remote manufacturing sites.
what we do
Key Management
Fortanix delivers full key lifecycle management as a service to ensure secure and consistent key management across on-premises and multicloud environments.
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Highly reliable and resistant to failure
A Fortanix cluster supports high availability and is resistant to a high number of node failures. The cluster remains available even when a node fails, and the tolerance to such faults increases with a greater number of nodes in the cluster.
Scalable architecture that scales with surge in demand
Fortanix provides horizontal scalability and can easily respond to a surge in demand. Scale out architecture can handle millions of keys and devices in manufacturing and in the field.
Centralized control and visibility into distributed operations
Fortanix provides control of and visibility into your key management operations across multiple sites and distributed operations with centralized management, enterprise level access controls and single sign-on support.
Securely run sensitive business logic inside the Key Management Service (KMS)
Plugins are a powerful system allowing users and/or applications to securely run sensitive business logic inside the Key Management Service (KMS). Plugins may be used for operations like imposing custom access control policies for keys, get distributed approvals from a quorum, use RSA keys to sign certificates with specific attributes and to even create wrapped keys signed by root CA based certificates.
Single pane of glass for management
Corporate manufacturing HQ can standardize on a single source of cryptographic services and security teams can get a single pane of glass for management.
Quorum based approval policy
A group administrator may enable a quorum approval policy on a group. Doing so mandates that all security-sensitive operations like key deletion, encryption and decryption, key export, key wrapping and unwrapping etc. would require approval by a quorum.
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HowFortanix is helping manufacturing organizations?

Manufacturing of Home IoT devices

Fortanix is helping a world leader that is producing and marketing smart home products to secure their IoT devices.


The primary challenge was to secure home IoT devices by embedding a certificate at the point of manufacturing.

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Solution offered

Fortanix offered a unified Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Key Management Service (KMS) to establish trust throughout the entire device lifecycle with unmatched scalability.

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Manufacturing and secure deployment of Building systems

Fortanix is helping a market leading smart glass manufacturing company to secure its manufacturing process.


The company needed a solution that could help secure its manufacturing process and ensure that the factory certified high-quality devices were installed on the customer site (building).
The challenge was two pronged:

At the manufacturing site, the need was to generate key pairs, store private keys and certificates.

And second, they needed to upload these certificates and transmit them to the customer site to verify and authenticate before deploying the factory certified devices.

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Solution offered There are two aspects of the complete solution.

Manufacturing Site:
Fortanix setup in the factory where devices are manufactured to issue certificates including building controller. 

Customer Site:
Fortanix setup in customer deployment to verify and authenticate the factory certificate.

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