Make Your Applications Confidential

Data is often encrypted at rest, in storage, and in transit across the network, but applications and the sensitive data they process are vulnerable to unauthorized access and tampering at runtime.

Confidential Computing Enclave Manager

While confidential computing is revolutionizing how customers protect their sensitive data, organizations need to simplify the process of creating enclaves, managing security policies, and enable applications to take advantage of confidential computing. request a demo

Confidential Computing Solution

Fortanix offers application teams the fastest, easiest, and most complete solution to run enclave applications today. The Fortanix Confidential Computing Enclave Manager enables applications to run in confidential computing environments, verifies the integrity of those environments, and manages the enclave application lifecycle.

As part of Information Bank activities in Japan, Digital Garage is building a personal data service for Japanese consumers that provides secure storage and gives users privacy controls over their confidential data such as financial information, health records, and more. We chose Fortanix running on Microsoft Azure confidential computing infrastructure to provide end-to-end encryption across our users’ data while in storage, in transit over the network, and while in use so that we can ensure that each user’s data is accessible only when they are viewing it in Japan.

— Takao Takenouchi, CTO (Security), DG Lab Security Team, Digital Garage, Inc.

Without Fortanix
With Fortanix

Without Fortanix

Manual Management

Getting start using confidential computing requires the integration of multiple infrastructure components, rewriting applications and manually configuring and verifying applications running in enclaves.

With Fortanix

Enclave Lifecycle Management

Fortanix is the only turnkey solution that manages the entire confidential computing environment and enclave lifecycle.

Application Support

Without Fortanix

Re-write Applications

To get an application running in a secure enclave, developers must rewrite applications using open-source SDKs. This take time and often discourages the use of confidential computing.

With Fortanix

Broadest Set of Application Support

Fortanix makes it possible to enable existing applications, enclave-native applications, and pre-packaged application to run in a secure enclave in minutes. This capability in unique and enables widespread adoption of confidential computing with no development or integration costs.


Without Fortanix

Build your own security

To securely implement confidential computing, critical services are required for authentication, encryption, attestation, and audit to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, code, and applications. These services are not built-into the infrastructure.

With Fortanix

Cryptographically enforced policy and auditing

Fortanix manages and enforces security policies including identity verification, data access control, and attestation to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, code, and applications. Using these policies, businesses can implement geo-fencing, and compute affinity to support data regulation policies such as GDPR. Fortanix also provides audit logs to easily verify compliance requirements.

How it works

Fortanix offers the most complete solution for confidential computing providing customers the fastest and easiest path to protect their applications and data.

  1. User signs up for the Fortanix Enclave Manager service at
  2. User installs node agent software and registers compute nodes with Fortanix Enclave Manager.
  3. User authorizes their applications from Fortanix Enclave Manager UI or through APIs, and then deploys them.
  4. The application automatically provides its attestation reports to Enclave Manager and obtains a certificate.
  5. Fortanix Enclave Manager monitors the application health, integrity and confidentiality.
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