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Unified data security for multicloud

Unified data security for multicloud

It is complex to manage encryption, key management, secrets management and tokenization in a different way for every public cloud, not to mention your on-premises systems. Fortanix provides a single point of control and management at scale across multiple public cloud and hybrid environments.

Protect the keys to your kingdom

Protect the keys to your kingdom

Fortanix allows organizations to Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for AWS/Azure cloud. With this approach customers bring or import their own master key, which the public cloud stores in their key management system and encrypts all Data Encryption Keys (DEKs) under that key. This provides customers with greater control over their data and keys.

Keep sensitive GCP data private

Keep sensitive GCP data private

With Google External Key Management or BYOKMS keys can be owned and controlled by you with cloud provider having no access or visibility into the keys. In this approach, Master key lives outside in customer owned KMS and all DEKs must be decrypted in customer owned external KMS before they can decrypt the customer data.

Easily navigate the complex world of compliance

Easily navigate the complex world of compliance

Most organizations today hold sensitive customer data and are subject to stringent compliance regulations that are spawning both at regional level and globally. What’s critical is to ensure the keys are separate from the data. Fortanix secures data everywhere while enabling customers, not cloud providers, to always maintain control of their encryption keys and their data.

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Secure your Multicloud data with Fortanix DSM SaaS

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Cloud-native key management

Single platform to manage multicloud data check icon check icon
Consistent policies, and fine-grained controls across the multicloud check icon check icon
Generate, own, and manage the master keys check icon check icon
Delete the keys and revoke access (kill switch) check icon check icon
Automatic and bulk key rotation check icon check icon
Back up, restore, and re-import master encryption keys check icon check icon
Integrate hybrid application using keys from any cloud /on-prem check icon check icon
Store the keys outside the cloud check icon check icon
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quote left When you move to the cloud, you lose that control…So the Fortanix solution brings an ability to control the keys externally. You can turn the keys off, turn them on- they’re totally under your control. The other advantage aligned with PayPal’s requirements is it enables new business use cases to go to the cloud. quote right
Learn how PayPal uses Fortanix for greater control over their GCP Keys.

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Fortanix manages data security for multiple public clouds and hybrid environments through a single platform that can scale and cluster between global sites.

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