Data Security Manager

DSM Accelerator

Encrypt your data at a very high throughput.

Fortanix enables organizations to secure data at scale and supports high transaction volumes.

  • Cache keys locally on the application host.
  • Supports data security and encryption at a very high scale.
  • In-memory encryption and decryption with high throughput and negligible latency.
  • Add on capability to Fortanix Data Security Manager Suite.
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Given the exponential generation of data from an array of vast variety of endpoints, IoT devices, wireless devices, on-premises assets, and Cloud deployments, there is a need for a very high-throughput and negligible-latency data encryption/decryption for securing data at a very high scale.

Encryption is a critical requirement to enable secure and seamless Digital Transformation. It’s widely predicted that there will be exponential data growth happening over this decade. The digital world is likely to double every two years with machine data increasing at a 50x growth rate. This is widely evident in industries like banking and finance, retail etc. Organizations often need to deal with high transaction volumes and a mountain of data that is highly sensitive in nature. For example8 retail organizations often need to manage high transaction volumes during special events like black Friday sales. What is needed is the ability to secure the data at a very high scale.

Fortanix solution for encrypting data at scale

DSM Accelerator (DSMA) gives organization the ability to locally cache keys and accelerate security operations helping them scale and support high transaction volumes. Fortanix offers a state-of-the-art solution that enables customers to perform in-memory encryption and decryption of data at a very high throughput locally to any endpoint, therefore, with negligible latency.

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What DSM Accelerator Does?

what we do
Deploy locally
Solution co-resides with the application that needs encryption reducing latency. Solution is offered as a PKCS#11, JCE, JAVA, web service client library that can be deployed locally on the application client machine or endpoint. Deploy as a package to run inside a serverless function like AWS Lambda.
what we do
API based Key authentication
The client library authenticates itself with the Key Management Service via an API key securely generated from Fortanix Data Security Manager.
what we do
High-speed in-memory encryption and decryption
Once the client library is deployed, client applications make crypto calls to it to perform high-speed in-memory encryption and decryption.
what we do
Secure inside FIPS 140-2 level 3 HSM
The encryption keys are always created and stored inside a Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) FIPS 140-2 Level 3 appliance, however, when first time a key is used by the client application for the first time, it is fetched from Data Security Manager and is then cached in-memory. If the memory process is killed or if the key expires, then it will be requested again from the centrally deployed DSM cluster.


High throughput data protection and compliance
The DSM Accelerator solution extends this solution to empower business to perform in-memory and high-throughput data protection while maintaining the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance for key generation and storage at-rest.
Easily secure existing applications
DSM Accelerator can be deployed within the existing application infrastructure. Minimal changes required for integrating. Can be easily integrated with a variety of interfaces like JAVA, JCE, PKCS#11, Rest API.
Secure and highly scalable
Fortanix Data Security Manager is a highly scalable data-first multicloud security solution designed from the ground-up to handle the world’s most secure business transactions and supports seamless multicloud and hybrid- cloud deployments.  
Central control of all DSM Accelerator deployments
All the DSM Accelerator deployments can be centrally managed and controlled from the same Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) interface.  
Cloud agnostic solution
The solution is designed to be app and cloud agnostic, however, can be deployed in any cloud without underpinning any of the security artifacts.