Findings from Fortanix’s RSA Conference Cloud Security Survey

The Fortanix team had a great RSA 2018 Conference. It started with an amazing opportunity to tell our story to thousands of attendees at the prestigious RSAC Innovation Sandbox where Fortanix won 2nd place among hundreds of participants. Over the next few days at the Intel booth and Equinix booth, the Fortanix team had great discussions with hundreds of security architects, executives, and partners.

Fortanix at RSA Conference 2018

We used the opportunity to conduct a survey on cloud security and Runtime Encryption®, with responses from more than 200 security professionals. Key findings revealed that most respondents are acutely aware of the need for Data in Use protection in the cloud and are looking for cloud providers to step up to this challenge. The top drivers were “protecting privacy of confidential data” and “protecting sensitive business logic from leakage”. Additionally, security leaders are increasingly worried about protecting datasets for machine learning and looking to enable containers in production systems without having to rely on VMs for security.

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Summary of survey responses

  • Majority of respondents cited using encryption to protect sensitive workloads in the cloud followed by CASB, Firewalls and even security tools from the cloud providers.
  • More than 75 percent of respondents are using encryption to protect data at rest and data in motion with more than 40 percent looking to protect data in use.
  • More than 60 percent are using software key managers (on-premise or cloud-based) to protect their encryption keys highlighting an important gap in protecting the privacy of keys.
  • Main types of sensitive workloads in the cloud requiring end-to-end protection include Databases (35 percent); Container-based Services (29 percent) and Machine Learning/Analytics datasets (24 percent) with data types ranging from PII, customer records, payments information and intellectual property.

The survey results are a good indicator of the awareness within security professionals and practitioners of the need for and benefits of data in use protection in the shared infrastructure of the public cloud. Fortanix is focused on enabling new levels of security, one that’s decoupled from infrastructure and cannot be compromised even if the cloud provider is compromised!

Fortanix showcased several new solutions at RSA 2018:

Runtime encryption®

HSM / Key Management:

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